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Fitness industry websites, from personal training businesses to public gyms, have very specific requirements in both design and functionality, and there’s a huge number of factors to take into consideration when designing the perfect fitness website. In my experience as a web designer, I understand what these types of websites need in order to serve the correct purpose. Here’s a few things to consider…

What type of fitness related business is it?

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to web design, and different industries require different elements of design and functionality – which is also the case in sub-categories within the fitness industry. First of all, it’s important to identify which ‘category’ the website belongs to.

I can create websites for a whole host of different fitness related businesses including gyms, branded/specialists gyms i.e. CrossFit, yoga studios, fitness centres, dance studios, weight training, personal training and any other related categories. Once it’s been identified which services you offer, we can get working on designing a bespoke website, unique to the business.

What are your objectives?

Is your main aim to get people signing up for memberships and classes? Are you selling health-related products and therefore looking for an eCommerce set-up? Or are you solely focused on educating your visitors on health & fitness? It’s important to distinguish your aims at an early stage, so that the website can be designed around them.

For example, great emphasis can be placed on “sign up now” call-to-actions to encourage conversions if this is the goal, or content from your blog could be the first thing that visitors see if that’s what you want to push.

Design & Photography

In an industry such as this where aesthetics are so important, I’m passionate about creating visually stunning websites that capture the users’ attention. All of my websites are responsive and user-friendly, and each element is tailored to your individual needs.

Photography plays an important role in the design of any website, and particularly within the fitness industry. Think about who your target audience is and what you want to promote. Are you opening a new gym? Investing in high-quality professional photography to showcase the space and equipment is essential. Offering yoga or dance classes? If professional photography isn’t an option here, then we can source some great paid-for stock images which can really enhance the aesthetics of your website. It’s important to avoid low-res images and anything that’s irrelevant to the services that you’re offering, as this can result in confusion and lack of interest.

Video content is also a key factor in helping to keep users engaged, particularly on sliders and page headers. This is perfect for websites within the fitness industry – as videos of people working out and getting fit are what often attracts customers to sign up.


This is where it becomes important to distinguish how you want your website to operate, and the services that you’re going to offer your customers. A few popular functionality features of fitness websites include:

  • Sign up process – This can be used as a way of customers registering their interest in the launch of your new gym, or signing up to your personal training/bootcamp classes.
  • Members portal – Many fitness websites give members the ability to log in and track their progress, edit their personal information, cancel/pause their memberships and many other features.
  • Online booking/timetables – Offering classes? Give members the easier option of being able to view updated timetables and book online while on-the-go.
  • Automated alerts – Keep your customers updated with text/email notifications with any important messages about session changes, cancellations or general updates.
  • Secure payments – When asking members to pay online when signing up to a contract or booking one-off classes, it’s important to ensure that the process is fast and secure.

If you require any specific fitness software solutions, we can also look at integrating those into your website.

Erik Reart can help to create the perfect fitness website for you, in order to increase your brand visibility and credibility within the industry.

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